Information Security Hierarchical Protection

Information security hierarchical protection,which reflects the national will in information security,is the basic strategy of national information security. It is the fundamental guarantee to protect the development of information and maintain national information security.
it’s an effective and suitable method to design a hierarchical security system to solve the information security problems in large-scale organizations.

CHAITIN Information Security Hierarchical Protection Advisory Service

According to the Information System Security Hierarchical Protection Rating Guide, Chaitin consulting service team will assist users to assess the security level of the information system, prepare the grading form and other files required, organize experts review meetings and fill procedures to the local organizations.

Multiple Choices to Meet Different Needs

Since carrying out the consulting services of hierarchical protection, Chaitin has established a variety of cooperation models with many qualified agencies, which provides multiple choices for users to meet different needs.

Advantage in Internet Industry

We know exactly what internet company needs. During the rectification program, we’ll reduce all the extra steps to help clients meet he hierarchical protection standards as soon as possible.

Focus on Hierarchical Protection Evaluation

Since launch the hierarchical protection consulting services, Chaitin has served a number of Internet companies including internet finance corporations and large data medical companies , highly praised by customers.

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