Chaitin Security Inspection System

The security inspection system contains nearly ten thousand vulnerabilities, which is based on Chaitin’s universal vulnerability library. For asset-related business, Chaitin provides highly customized vulnerability inspection solutions according to the penetration test results, which will keep track of the security status of website and process of fixing vulnerability.

Provide Impeccable Solutions for Enterprises

Asset Management and Basic Scan

Customers can check whether their asset lists cover all assets and whether the assets are under security monitoring. The basic scan module of the security inspection system also integrates Chaitin's universal vulnerability library, which contains quality detection solutions for nearly ten thousand vulnerabilities.

Customzied Vulnerability Detection and Management

For asset-related services, the security inspection system provides customzied vulnerability detection solutions, performs vulnerability monitoring based on the security service results, and tracks the website security status and vulnerability fixing progress.

Security Warning and Threat Information

Supported by powerful technical capabilities of Chaitin's security research team, the inspection system monitors the latest security events and vulnerabilities on the Internet. It will response performing professional analysis immediately once capturing effective information and report the results to customers. The system will notify customers by WeChat or email to ensure administrators can receive the information timely.

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