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Career Opportunities

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Algorithm Engineer

Job Description

Conduct security defense algorithm research in the fundamentals of compiling and automat, machine learning, etc.; design algorithms for specific applications; write prototype codes for effect test; parameter adjustment; data collection and annotation; etc.

Job Requirements

  • Certain accumulation of basic knowledge in fundamentals of compiling and automat, machine learning, etc
  • Skillful use of C, Python or Java language (at least one), and capability of fast coding for implementation of algorithm prototype, algorithm verification and parameter optimization
  • Winners of OI / ACM / TopCoder / GCJ / Codeforces algorithm competitions are preferred
  • PhDs with algorithm research experiences are preferred

Salary: (15k ~ 40k) x 14

Base R&D Engineer

Job Description

Join Engineering Team, research and develop security defense products, and confront hostile attack.

Job Requirements

  • Skillful use of C / C++ / Python, capable of write stable, efficient and reliable codes, and certain engineering experience

  • Profound mastering of algorithm, data structure, network communication and computer theory

  • Those who own multi-star open source projects are preferred

  • Those who have independently implemented mini operating system are preferred

  • Ability to use Rust for bonus points

    Salary: (18k ~ 40k) x 14

Front-end Development Engineer

Job Description

Build front-end page functions, WeChat pages, etc., of security products.

Job Requirements

  • Familiar with HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript, and master the whole front-end technology stack

  • Familiar with various standards, frameworks and preprocessors, e.g. ES6 / CoffeeScript / Vue / jQuery / Angular / React / Sass

  • Experience in developing Single Page applications, and knowledge of using modern building systems such as webpack and browserify

  • Capable of coordinating with designers and with basic picture slicing skills

  • Capable of coordinating with back-end engineers and with slight knowledge of back-end server principles

  • Certain experience and thinking in terms of user interactive design, being able to interact with product managers

  • Devoted to front-end work, and is self-driving to keep up with technical trends

    Salary: (13k ~ 30k) x 14

Backend Development Engineer

Job Description

Take charge of back-end development of web-related products and internal service mainly in the development language of Python.

Job Requirements

  1. Familiar with Python, Go or Java (at least one of the programming languages)
  2. Certain web back-end development experience, and familiar with development mode of front-end and back-end separation
  3. Familiar with relational databases’ usage and basic design optimization methods, and know common NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Redis
  4. Good coding styles and test habits

Bonus points

  1. Experience in front-end development
  2. With active personal open resource projects on Github
  3. With practice experience in DevOps

Product Manager

Job Description

Participate in security product planning and design, and impress users with concise and intuitional products in the process of prototype design, coordination, follow-up feedback and continual upgrade, thus rendering the best user experience to customers.

Job Requirements

  • Excellent demand control ability, capable of distinguishing real demands from fake demands, and the sixth sense with respect to specific products
  • Knowledge of product prototype creation and constant upgrade processes, and capable of follow up with the processes, sort thoughts and coordinate management
  • Strong collaboration and communication ability, and capable of properly communicating and collaborating with designers, engineers, salespersons and customers
  • Aware of considering issues from users’ perspectives, thinking and comprehending in terms of customer scenarios
  • Excellent logical reasoning ability, and certain data analysis ability

Operation and Maintenance Engineer

Job Description

Maintain various online and offline systems of the Company, and carry out system operation, maintenance and monitoring.

Job Requirements

  • Familiar with common Linux system commands, and capable of skillfully troubleshooting system and addressing problems
  • Skillful use of various monitoring systems, and capable of monitoring normal system operation status and reasonably planning and deploying system resources
  • Master computer network principle and practices, and maintain Company Intranet
  • Understand modern credential system, and manage credential issuance and revocation of the Company
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