Three Major Advantages

Make WAF Simple and Intelligent

Engine Based on Semantics Analysis

The semantic analysis algorithms, just like a tiny but blazing fast compiler built-in used to detect attacks, makes SafeLine meet a better performance in false positive, false negative and speed in terms of intrusion detection.
SQLChop Demo
XSSChop Demo

Superior Laterally Scalable Architecture

SafeLine applies to heavy traffic and big data scenarios
The detection capabilities of the detection cluster can be laterally scaled up
SPOF is eliminated

Build Secure Positive Circulation

SafeLife combines proactive defense with passive information processing
to build positive circulation of
interception/alarm -> vulnerability fixing

Features of SafeLine

SafeLine is no longer rely on mechanical signatures to block and filter attacks. There are no long term configuration and manual intervention adjustment, all clients need to do is switch on or off a button to enable or disable the detection function. As a result, administrators can pay more attention on the protection strategies. For the entire, the safety level of enterprises is efficiently enhanced.
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